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June 2022
Article · The Wall Street Journal

Research conducted by encoord in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory was recently referenced in a front page article in The Wall Street Journal titled: “Mexico Takes Aim at Private Companies, Threatening Decades of Economic Growth” (behind paywall). The research suggest the law could increase CO2 emissions and raise yearly electricity costs.  

June 2022

Event · SPARK London

encoord attended the SPARK conference in London, where energy industry leaders and innovators met to ideate and discuss themes like power innovation, flexible grids, decarbonization, energy management, green hydrogen, and more. encoord Co-founder and CTO Kwabena Pambour spoke on the need for coordinated planning of electricty and gas networks. 

April 2022

Event · GridFWD Seattle

Our Director of Sales, Ian Wilcox gave a presentation and connected with energy stakeholders around the nation at the GridFWD Seattle conference. The two-day event was focused on “Keeping Pace with the Energy Transition." The conference was a great opportunity to network with some of the companies leading the energy transition. 

April 2022

Research Project · 2024 Renewal Integration Study for Mexico

encoord worked with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to conduct a 2024 renewable integration study for Mexico. All analysis and simulations for the renewable integration study were conducted in encoord's energy network simulation software SAInt. Read the report here to learn more.

March 2022

Award · SET100 · Start Up Energy Transition

encoord was selected by Start Up Energy Transition (SET) as one of the top 100 most promising global innovators in the energy transition who are transforming the industry and shaping the future of energy. We are proud of this recognition and look forward to continuing the advancement of energy network and market modeling.

March 2022

Selection · Innovation Strategy Discussion and Startup Pitch Session · EPRI

encoord was chosen as one of ten companies to present at the Electric Power Research Institute's (EPRI) European Workshop Week taking place virtually March 21-24. encoord is honored to be selected and is looking forward to connecting with top European energy network decision-makers to help plan the energy transition.

March 2022

Announcement · encoord Offers Pro Bono Services to Ukraine

In light of the recent attack on Ukraine, encoord is offering its software and services at no cost to any Ukrainian company or international governmental organization that needs support planning the future of electricity and/or natural gas networks affected by this war. If you need help, contact us directly at  

March 2022

Presentation · The Impact of Green Hydrogen on the Power System · EnerNex

Along with representatives from CESI and EnerNex, encoord discussed green hydrogen and its potential impact on the power sector. In this webinar, encoord's co-founder Carlo Brancucci explains the value of modeling the impacts of hydrogen on the power system.  

February 2022

Article · ICON

ICON publishes an article titled Unlocking net zero solutions by coupling energy networks, featuring encoord’s co-founder Carlo Brancucci. “To achieve a net zero future, planners and operators should consider leveraging the opportunities that lie at the intersection of energy networks”.

January 2022

Press Release · Series seed-2 funding round & launch of SAInt 3.0

encoord announces the closure of its series seed-2 investment round, raising $2.4M, and the launch of SAInt 3.0, the latest version of its unique planning software to model electricity and gas networks. Read press release.
Media coverage: Energy Digital, Energy Northern Perspective, Energy Management, Industrial News,, Smart Energy International, Smart Grid Today.

January 2022

Membership · Energy Systems Integration Group 

encoord joins the Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG), “a nonprofit educational organization whose mission is to chart the future of grid transformation and energy systems integration”. ESIG serves “as a trusted and objective convener of the engineering and technical community, providing information, education and peer-to-peer networking to support total energy systems integration and operations”.

January 2022

Article · Energy Digital

Energy Digital features encoord’s article Unlocking net zero solutions by coupling energy networks. "System-level planning tools which can model coupled energy networks in one platform, such as SAInt, will be essential in supporting planners and operators in transitioning from independently planning and operating their energy networks to an integrated and coordinated future."

January 2022

Article · Energy Connects

Energy Connects publishes an article titled Unlocking the synergies of coupled energy networks to achieve decarbonization. It summarizes encoord’ recent whitepaper. “The traditional concept of an energy network is evolving. Where once, energy networks would operate independently of each other, increasingly there are opportunities to couple networks and leverage synergies between them to help solve some of our biggest decarbonization challenges."

January 2022

Article · Future Power Technology

Future Power Technology Magazine publishes an interview with encoord’s CEO and Co-founder, Carlo Brancucci. “If energy networks were planned in a coupled manner, planners and operators would be able to unlock flexibility and storage opportunities between energy networks and would allow utilities and grid operators to invest in the assets and upgrades that can help achieve decarbonization at a faster rate."

December 2021

Whitepaper · Synergies of Coupled Energy Networks

encoord publishes a whitepaper describing the benefits of leveraging the synergies between energy networks to achieve decarbonization.

December 2021

Article · T&D World 

T& World publishes an article highlighting the need for software like SAInt to model the integration and coordination of coupled energy networks. “The future of energy systems is highly interdependent and exceptionally complex. Every utility, network operator and government not only needs to understand the interdependencies of different networks, but also how to leverage them to achieve the energy transition. But, modeling the interdependencies of coupled energy networks has been, to date, nearly impossible."

October 2021

Selection · Plug and Play Energy Winter Summit

encoord was selected as one of eighteen future-thinking energy companies presenting at the Plug and Play Energy Winter Summit.

October 2021

Research Project ‧ Horizon 2020 ‧ European Commission

This past spring, encoord GmbH and 18 European partners were awarded 6 million Euros by the European Commission for a research project titled “HYPERGRYD - hybrid coupled networks for thermal-electric integrated smart energy districts”. The project kickoff recently took place in Barcelona, Spain. During the four-year project, encoord will contribute by modeling coupled electricity, gas, and heat networks.

October 2021

Presentation ‧ Renewable Energy Integration in Electricity Networks ‧ Osinergmin

encoord was invited by the Peruvian energy regulator, Osinergmin, to present about the challenges of integrating solar and wind power in electric networks. SAInt has been used by Peruvian energy stakeholders to better plan for higher penetrations of variable renewable energy sources. 

September 2021

Selection ‧ Plug and Play Ventures

encoord presented at the Fall 2021 Energy Selection Day and was selected by a collection of corporate partners as one of the 18 future thinking companies to participate in the Plug and Play Ventures’ Energy Innovation Platform. This program brings together promising startups and 500+ global clients to explore partnerships and investment opportunities.

August 2021

Selection ‧ 2021 Colorado Capital Conference ‧ Rockies Venture

encoord was selected as one of ten companies to pitch to angel investors during the 2021 Colorado Capital Conference hosted by the Rockies Venture Club. encoord is grateful to be recognized as one of Colorado’s promising start-up companies and is encouraged by the relationships formed during the conference.

June 2021

Presentation ‧ Hydraulic Gas Network Modeling & Electricity and Natural Gas Modeling

On June 30, encoord’s co-founders Carlo Brancucci and Kwabena Pambour gave a public presentation hosted by the United States Energy Association regarding the need for dynamic hydraulic gas network modeling and the value of planning electricity and gas networks as an integrated energy system. Registrants for the event represented 28 different countries. View the presentation here.

June 2021

Membership ‧ United States Energy Association

In June of 2021, encoord became the United States Energy Association’s (USEA) newest member. As strategic partners with the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Agency for International Development, USEA regularly conducts trainings, seminars and workshops that help members network and learn about the latest energy trends. encoord is excited to be a member of USEA and looks forward to forming new relationships in the US and internationally. Read our membership announcement in the USEA newsletter.

May 2021

Event ‧ Navigate Investor Corporate Customer Connect ‧ New England Clean Energy Connection

encoord was selected as 1 of 40 startups to participate in the New England Clean Energy Connection’s Navigate Investor Corporate Customer Connect (ICCC) event this June. We are appreciative of the selection and are excited to engage with investors and energy companies to discuss how SAInt can help plan for energy system decarbonization.

May 2021

Research ‧ Coupled Modeling for High Renewable Penetrations ‧ Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis

encoord’s software SAInt was used in a Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis (JISEA) study to model coupled natural gas and electricity networks in scenarios with high penetrations of renewable energy. Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) presented their work and described how they used SAInt to assist with analysis. 

May 2021

Presentation ‧ Power-To-Gas Analysis

In a recent paper titled An Integrated Solution for Planning and Operating Power-To-Gas Facilities in Coupled Gas and Electricity Networks encoord’s CTO Kwabena Pambour and co-authors Dominique Adolfo & Carlo Carcasci (Università degli Studi di Firenze) used SAInt to show how coupled simulations can be applied to model and analyze the operation of Power-To-Gas facilities and their impact on gas and electricity networks. Kwabena presented the findings at the 51st Annual Conference of the Pipeline Simulation Interest Group

April 2021

Presentation ‧ Energy Tech Summit

encoord’s CEO Carlo Brancucci presented SAInt and participated in the 2021 Energy Tech Summit, an event that hosts top European energy and mobility investors, entrepreneurs, and government leaders. This event brought in over 1,000 attendees and 200 startups all working to support the journey to net-zero.

March 2021

encoord selected as 1 of 40 global cleantech startups

encoord has been selected as 1 of 40 global cleantech startups to present at NREL’s Industry Growth Forum to be held virtually in April 2021. Our CEO, Dr. Carlo Brancucci, will present encoord in the Emerging Markets track. Read the press release.

February 2021

Webinars ‧ MEDREG

encoord's CEO, Dr. Carlo Brancucci, was invited by MEDREG, the Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators, to give two presentations on power system modeling and renewable energy integration to the energy regulators of Egypt and Palestine. Read more about the EgyptERA and PERC workshops.

September 2020

New research shows added value of SAInt

Within the framework of the JISEA NG-Electric Interface Project, and in cooperation with NREL and other industrial project partners, encoord participated in the "Electric Power Grid and Natural Gas Network Operations and Coordination" study. The study demonstrates the need and added value of encoord's software solution SAInt for improving the coordination between gas and electricity network operators. Read the report.

September 2020

Funding ‧ DOE ‧ Hydrogen blending

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announces the 2020 Technology Commercialization Fund projects, including one in which encoord will partner with NREL, SoCalGas, and Stony Brook University to study the Impacts of Hydrogen Blending in Natural Gas Networks. In this project, SAInt will be used to model hydrogen injection in natural gas networks. Read the press release.

June 2020

Webinar ‧ ITAM

encoord' CEO, Dr. Carlo Brancucci, was invited by ITAM, the Mexico Autonomous Institute of Technology, to present in Spanish to a large Mexican audience on the impacts of high penetrations of variable renewable energy sources on power systems. Watch the webinar.

April 2020

Series seed funding round

We thank all the investors for supporting encoord’s growth and the advancement of our mission: to provide decision makers with solutions to decarbonize energy systems. Today is also Earth Day, a great coincidence and a reminder for the importance of finding solutions to enable a carbon-neutral future!

February 2020

Webinar ‧ ISGAN

encoord’s CEO and CTO were invited by the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) to give a webinar on "The need to model coupled energy networks to transition to a decarbonized future". Watch the webinar.

December 2019

African Students & Youth Summit

encoord´s CTO, Dr. Kwabena Pambour, was invited to speak at the 2019 African Students & Youth Summit (ASYS) in a panel session on Big Data.

November 2019

Funding ‧ DOE ‧ Electricity & gas network modeling

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announces the 2019 Grid Modernization Lab Call Awards, including HELICS+, a project in which encoord will participate together with other industrial partners and five national laboratories. In this project, SAInt will be used to model electricity and natural gas networks to analyze the increasing interdependency among critical infrastructures. Read the press release.

November 2019

European Utility Week

encoord participated as an Initiate! exhibitor at the 2019 European Utility Week in Paris.

November 2019

E.ON’s :agile demo day

encoord was invited by E.ON’s :agile accelerator to pitch and present their software SAInt at their demo day.

October 2019

Power2Gas Conference

encoord sponsored the 2019 Power2Gas Conference in Marseille. encoord's CEO, Dr. Carlo Brancucci, presented SAInt’s capabilities to model the impacts of P2G on coupled electricity and natural gas networks. encoord’s CTO, Dr. Kwabena Pambour, demonstrated the software SAInt to the audience.

October 2019

gwf Gas + Energy Congress

encoord exhibited at the gwf Gas + Energie Congress on Energy Storage and Sector Coupling in Essen. encoord´s CTO, Dr. Kwabena Pambour, demonstrated the software SAInt to the audience.