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Power system planning

• Inform integrated resource plans
• Optimize investments in generation, storage, and transmission assets
• Model optimal power system operations
• Perform power flow studies
• Plan and model potential paths towards a decarbonized future 

Gas network planning

• Inform gas network planning decisions
• Optimize investments in transmission and storage assets
• Model gas network operations
• Model and optimize underground gas storage facilities
• Optimize the scheduling of LNG vessel arrivals to LNG regasification terminals 

Electricity market analyses

• Model day-ahead, intra-day, and real-time electricity markets
• Forecast electricity prices
• Inform electricity market design
• Optimize bidding strategies
• Perform electricity market risk analyses 

Security & reliability analyses

• Perform security of supply analyses by considering electric and gas network contingencies
• Perform contingency analyses running Monte-Carlo simulations
• Identify potential harmful scenarios & estimate their consequences
• Analyze the effectiveness of countermeasures and mitigate the impact of disruptions
• Assess risk for electricity and gas transmission infrastructure 

Renewable Integration Studies

• Access high-resolution wind and solar resource datasets
• Model electricity generation of wind and solar plants with high fidelity
• Model power system operations under high renewable penetration scenarios
• Model the impact of wind and solar power on electricity prices
• Model the value of energy storage & demand response 

Sector coupling analyses

• Study the coupling between electricity and gas networks
• Analyze the flexibility and storage sources at the interface between electricity and gas networks
• Quantify the impact of disruptions or extreme events on interconnected electricity and gas networks
• Optimize investments in power-to-gas facilities
• Plan the evolution of coupled electricity and gas networks 

Hydrogen planning

• Plan the location and sizing of electrolyzers
• Model the injection and blending of hydrogen into natural gas networks
• Evaluate hydrogen injection regulations
• Optimize the operation of electrolyzers
• Plan future hydrogen networks 

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